About Us

C&C Interior Design was established in 2015 by Carolina Zingman and Celia de Wolff, two interior designers who live in Raanana.

Both Carolina and Celia have resided in various countries in the world and cosmopolitan cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv, amongst others, which have influenced and widened their design vision, styles, strategies and aspirations to create interiors. 

Designing for someone else is not just about achieving that great picture that you will use to promote your work, is about understanding, caring, listening and getting involved in someone else's daily life and living standard, is about opening up a door to someone else's life, is about creating a relationship, and ultimately is about redefining, improving and be able to accomplish an amazing, comfortable and unique space where that special  family will enjoy and share many moments in their lives and you, as a designer have a part of that beautiful process and achievement.

We don't just create spaces, we create moments and emotions.