What is an Interior Designer? And the reasons to hire one.


What is an Interior Designer? And the reasons to hire one.

Differences between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator (Stylist)

Hi there! We finally decided to put our C&C blog up and we are very excited!! Yayy!!

We have many topics we want to write about and share so we’ve decided to start from the most important ones. Let’s start from the beginning…..  What is Interior Design and how can an Interior Designer help me.

When we get phone calls from potential customers we usually ask them what is for them an Interior Designer. In many cases they don’t really know the broadness of our services.

Our Interior Design Studio offers a wide range of services such as consulting, concept development, professional advice, mood boards, planning of structure, electricity, plumbing, air conditioning and smart houses in collaboration with great trades, budget estimates, selecting the right materials, supervision, and decoration amongst others.

When buying a house or an apartment in Israel in most cases they need remodeling whether it would be a total renovation or a cosmetic change and decoration, many brand new houses from contractors (kablanim) need updates and upgrades as they are built in a very simple standard.

So the question is, what is the difference between an Interior Designer to an Interior Decorator?

An Interior Designer can make the planning of the structure, electricity, plumbing, and air conditioning and full decoration.

An Interior Decorator (Stylist) will help only by choosing materials such as furniture, wall coloring, textures, which are only to give a cosmetic shallow change of the space.

If you are building a house from scratch you can hire an architect and an interior designer and both will focus on their strong areas working hand in hand.

Why should you hire an Interior Designer?

To Save Money! Yes, even if you think that hiring a professional can be more expensive it is the contrary, and why? Because it can save you a big amount of time of research, avoid the typical mistakes that someone who doesn’t hire an Interior Designer faces out of lack of experience.  Taking the wrong decisions and making mistakes can be very costly.

When your knowledge in the field is limited, or if you are a new immigrant in Israel and you don’t have experience in materials, terms, right prices, right places to buy, etc. then C& C Interior Design is the best option for you, we have a broad list of providers that can expedite the process, a custom made schedule for you that can save you time and will lead you to a smooth development until you enter your dream house.

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Celia and Carolina

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